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Wigs & Hair Extensions
Your Journey is our Journey

We create a loving and nurturing atmosphere with a level

of  privacy and comfort.

As a certified Private Issue and Micro Point Solutions™ studio, we will evaluate your hair loss or thinning hair and recommend the proper wig or non-surgical implant for your style and lifestyle. Also, we will do a cut-in to fit your facial features, and teach you how to care for your wig or implants. Please note we also carry wigs for men and children. Scroll through the photo gallery for images.

Our Synthetic Wig Gallery

Our synthetic hair wigs have all the positive characteristics of human hair: moisture retention to maintain a healthy feel and touch as well as cuticle formation to simulate beautiful light reflective qualities thus creating a very natural look. Synthetic hair wigs have style memory allowing the wigs to maintain your style over and over. They are lighter weight than human hair wigs for your comfort and colorfast so your natural color is always true. And no worrying about the elements like sun, wind, rain, or humidity!


  • Super lightweight cap construction for the ultimate in comfort and secure wearability, as well as being breathable and adjustable for size.

  • Hand tied with light, refined materials that conform to the head for an individual customized fit.

  • Subtle colors, hues and highlights that mimics natural hair creating dimension. Also available in textured hair.

Client Testimonials

“Thank you for all your support. My wife enjoyed going to your salon because she felt respected for who she was and not pitied for the disease she had. After her appointments she felt recharged from your warmth and care you provided.”

“When I enter your salon I feel enveloped by kindness and caring. You have created a place where women feel honored and renewed. I know my daughter felt so respected by your approach.”

“Thank you so much for helping me through a very difficult day. I 
was instantly relieved by your kindness.”

How to Book Your Appointment

The initial consultation is approximately 90 minutes to go over all aspects of the process as well as answer all the questions you may have. Consultation and follow up visits are always no charge.

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