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Salon service prices are determined during the consultation and may vary based on the experience level of your stylist and the services and time required to achieve your desired end look, which may be impacted by the length and thickness of your hair.
Price List

Monique Cut & Blow Dry

Master Stylist Cut & Blow Dry

Senior Stylist Cut & Blow Dry

Artistic Stylist Cut & Blow Dry

Junior Stylist Cut & Blow Dry

Cut & Blow Dry (Teen)

Clipper cut (Men)

Clipper cut (Teen)

Child Cut

Wash & Blow Dry

$90 and up

$79 and up

$75 and up

$60 and up

$31 and up

$28 and up

$27 and up

$23 and up

$18 and up

$45 and up

Specialty Hair Services with Stylist Alexisia

Silk Press

Silk Press w/Conditioning Treatment

Cornrows (high top only)

Cornrows (whole head)

Flat Twists

Sew-in Removal

Sew-in Removal w/wash & blow dry

Box Braid Removal

Box Braid Removal w/wash

Two Feed-in Braids w/wash & blow dry

$60 and up

$80 and up

$35 and up

$55 and up

$45 and up

$35 and up

$40 and up

$40 and up

$60 and up

$55 and up


One process


   Partial Foil

   Full Foil


Eclipting (consultation recommended)
Ombre (consultation recommended)

Balayage (consultation recommended)








$80 and up


$57 and up

$100 and up

$100 and up

$100 and up

$100 and up



$55 and up

$115 and up

$80 and up

Straightening & Relaxing
(for all hair types)

Simply Straight Keratin Treatment

This vitamin rich, formaldehyde free breakthrough technology reduces curl while leaving hair revitalized, reconditioned and silky smooth. Contains apple pulp, vanillin, keratin, and botanicals.


Please call for a complimentary consultation before booking. All Keratin appointments require a $150 non-refundable deposit due at time of booking.

*prices subject to change


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