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Owner, Master Stylist, Wig Specialist

EXCELLENCE is what we strive for every day at Salon Monique Day Spa ~ excellence in service, excellence in quality, and excellence in overall experience.  I opened Salon Monique Day Spa over 20 years ago and then moved into this beautiful Victorian building. The best aspect of my job is the wonderful people I meet on a daily basis.  I have a special warmth in my heart for the brave women who visit our private wig room. They inspire us all! It is a privilege to give back to these special clients.


Salon Monique Day Spa is Canton’s ONLY Aveda concept salon.  I decided this was the direction I wanted to go with the salon when Aveda came out with their revised make-up line ~ all organically certified! The new make-up line, along with the skin care and hair care line we already carried, made it a must to exclusively carry their line! 


All our staff continuously and regularly attend Aveda classes to stay current in the latest trends, styles, and hair color, to maintain the expectation of excellence we all strive for at Salon Monique Day Spa.

Master Stylist

“The best aspects of being a stylist are the people, the creativity, and making my clients feel great about

Master Stylist

“I love the creativity my job allows me.  It is all about the people and making them feel good about themselves. I especially love working at Salon Monique because of the talented and friendly staff which makes my job a pleasure!”

Master Stylist

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Senior Stylist, Makeup Artist

“The most important part of my job is listening to the needs and concerns of my guests.  Only then can I provide the appropriate services and home care plan that will help them look and feel their best. I love to make my guests feel good, confident, refreshed, and beautiful.”

Senior Stylist, Makeup Artist,
Wig Specialist

“The best aspect of my job is getting to know a client’s unique personality and daily lifestyle and accomplishing a look that fits both. Another entity to my profession that I truly feel rewarded doing is our wig business. I have added hours to my schedule to make myself available to assist clients during this sensitive time in their lives.”

Men/Boys Cuts Stylist

“I love making clients feel good about themselves by giving them a great cut and style they can achieve at home as well.”

Artistic Stylist, Esthetician,  Makeup Artist

“I love making people feel better about themselves in an environment where they are not judged and are open to talking about self-improvement.”

Artistic Stylist

“I have a passion for what I do. Here at Salon Monique, I give my male clients a hot towel facial service for relaxation purposes with essential oils to de-stress and feel refreshed from a stressful day which I follow with a mini massage with Aveda’s aftershave lotion. It’s the PERFECT pick-me-up!”

Artistic Stylist, Makeup Artist

"What I like best about being a stylist is that I get to help my clients feel confident in themselves and ready to take on the world!"

Artistic Stylist, Makeup Artist

“I love to build lasting relationships with guests and help them feel beautiful and confident. My favorite work is makeup, hair color and spray tanning. I like to keep up with the latest trends, styles and ideas. I love all my Salon Monique co-workers like family.”

Junior Stylists, Assistant

“I love to connect with my clients and work with them to achieve their hair goals. I also inspire them to try out new trends!”

Junior Stylist,
Ethnic Hair Specialist

“The welcoming atmosphere and wonderful co-workers here at Salon Monique make it easier for me to meet the needs of my clients and help them leave relaxed and satisfied.”

Junior Stylist, Assistant

“I like getting to meet new people and helping clients feel better about their hair and themselves.”

Massage Therapist

“I love knowing that I am helping people whether it’s just in general or due to a specific issue.  It’s such a great feeling to see the positive change in people and to know that I was a part of the physical and/or emotional healing process.”

Esthetician, Lash Technician,  Makeup Artist

“I am in a profession where I am dedicated to helping maintain and improve healthy skin. My second love is applying lash extensions.”

Our Front Desk:
Deb (senior receptionist)
Chloe (receptionist)
Katie (receptionist)
Staff photography courtesy of John Souza.  John's studio is located at 1207 Washington Street, Canton, MA.
Email:   Phone:  781.828.8788
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